the last 4 weeks | pregnancy week by week

So mostly what you are seeing here is bloating. As you can see I was much more bloated in week 9 then in week 10. Week 11 I could no longer suck in my stomach, and week 12 I was puffy again. We had just gotten back from vacation and I was ready for a wedding in the week 12 photo. I think this is mostly just swelling but mixed in with the beginnings of a baby bump.

So there ya have it folks!
I plan to do these weekly now that we have shared the news, as well as a more detailed update on how I feel and what I am experiencing. 

And if you feel so inclined, please pray that this pregnancy stays healthy. It's really scary to put this kind of information out (especially when you have experienced a loss in the past). I got such a wonderful response last time and this time around was no different! Thank you all so much for the "likes" and kind wishes! We trust that this is in God's hands and that this all happened in His timing. He gives good gifts to His children and we know this is one of the best. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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