13 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
Pretty good, for the most part. Still really struggling with migraines and low blood pressure. My mood seems to swing more drastically (I'm sure Brenton is loving that).

What am I craving?
Salt and vinegar. As far as meals go I want salty and as cliche as it is.. I usually pick pickles as a snack.

Miss anything?
Unlimited amount of coffee. I usually only have a cup in the morning and I cut myself off. Oh, and deli meat! I limit my intake of this because of the preservatives used in them. I also miss having an iron bladder.

Go-to clothing...
Dresses, leggings, anything loose. I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet but I feel extremely uncomfortable in all of my pants. I think I will be breaking down and buying some this week - it's probably a part of my grumpiness ;)

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on!

Best moment of the week...
We got to share the news this week about our pregnancy! It has been hard keeping it a secret between our friends and family, but worth it in the long run!

None yet, obviously. Although I do feel my uterus growing - I'm experiencing aches and stretching pains.

I would say yes. Its probably a lot of bloating because baby is still small, but try as I might to suck in, it goes nowhere.

Weird dreams. Vivid weird dreams. I get really tired in the afternoon/evening so I go to bed early, but my body wakes me up with a full bladder at about 6:30 every morning. Other than that, can't complain.

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