16 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
Its starting to get better. Headaches are not as intense and I don't get as dizzy when I stand up. Day by day.

What am I craving?
Chinese food.

Miss anything?
Feeling fit. It's not fun putting on weight and feeling large. really large. and this is only the beginning. I'm trying to stay active and do light workouts to somewhat maintain.

Go-to clothing...
Lots of dresses this week. It has been hot and humid so anything light is what I reach for.

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on.

Best moment of the week...
We had a doc appointment on Monday and got to hear baby's heartbeat. It's always reassuring to know everything is ok.

None yet I don't think. Every once in a while, I think I feel a flutter, but then I think its just gas or a cramp. Not sure. :)

Yep! still growing!

Good as of this week. Dreams are still weird. Unfortunately I have had a couple of miscarriage dreams. I wake up very relieved.

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