17 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
This was a rough week. Every time I stood up, I got queazy and dizzy. I also feel like every time I lay down someone is sitting on my chest.

What am I craving?
Chinese food. Still. And ranch.

Miss anything?
Same as last week.

Go-to clothing...
Honestly, sweat pants. I have spent a lot of time on the couch either trying to catch my breath or doing freelance work. Trying to stay comfy.

Ring ON or OFF?

Best moment of the week...
Brenton got me an hour long massage for my birthday that I finally used. She really worked my neck to help with my migraines. It was nice to relax.

I'm a little more confident that I am feeling movement this week. As I mentioned, I thought it was just a cramp or gas, but now I'm a little more convinced it's movement. Little flutters is the best way to describe it.

I'm debating about deleting this question.. because, obviously I'm showing. Brenton says its starting to look like a baby bump. (What did it look like before?? - Insert foot in husband's mouth.)

I have started sleeping with a body pillow to encourage myself to side sleep. I can't breathe when I am on my back so this is kind of like a reminder to sleep on my side.. and it's really comfortable!

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  1. Well in a few short weeks you'll find out what you're having and figure out how to reveal it (there's ton of pinterest ideas!) and I love your letter you wrote for you itty bitty one, that will be something that your child will read once old enough to know just how great of a blessing she/he IS!!


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