a trip out east

Brenton and I made a trip out East to see my family that lives in Maine. We met my dad and grandparents at my aunt's cabin in Naples. We flew into Boston and drove the remaining 3 hours to the cabin in Maine. Brenton has never been to the East Coast so this was a really fun trip for him. He ate as much seafood as he could get his hands on! He learned how to cook lobster (and other shelled things), we met Jessie - the new yellow lab puppy, paddle-boarded, shopped, and relaxed. We also had to make a stop at the L.L.Bean store in Freeport. We got some new gear and Brenton needed to see the giant Bean Boot, then we had lunch in Portland to wrap up the day.

Brenton plans to make this an annual summer trip..  that must mean he really enjoyed it. But for now, it was nice to have a little Babymoon and travel while we can!

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