This one is for you...

dear baby,

we have so much to tell you.

it took a while, and after a year and a loss, we got pregnant.
lots of heartache and prayers to finally get you.
you are so deeply loved and anticipated.

i look at the pictures the doctor gave me of you in my tummy
and i think you have my nose.
i hope you have your dad's patience.
sorry in advance for my lack-there-of.

we already love you more than even we can fathom.

God has knit you together in my tummy and has protected us.
i can't wait to feel you kick, hiccup, and move.
what a miracle our God has designed.

this world will be cold when you arrive
but i promise to keep you warm.
your daddy is a hot-body
you can always cuddle with him.

lots of people are excited to meet you.
prepare for kisses.

mommy likes old things, classics really.
but you are a brand new adventure we can't wait to start.
mommy also likes art.
so does daddy.
don't ever be afraid to be creative.

daddy likes hunting.
you will have many adventures with him.
he also likes trying new food and traveling.
you will be exposed to many new things with him by your side.

you already have siblings.
ruger & cabela.
they wont look like you, but they will always be willing to play with and protect you.
they will most likely sit by your highchair at mealtimes.
don't drop too much food.

you are going to have a cousin very close to you in age.
only a couple weeks difference.
i bet you two will be best buds.

we thank God for you and we know He has big plans for your life.
we will always be here to encourage, support, & love you
no matter what life brings.

see you in february, love.

oh, and don't hide from us at our next ultrasound.
we are excited to give you a name.



  1. This is beautiful, Sarah. Yes, there are many of us waiting to cover these little greats with our love.



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