20 weeks | pregnancy week by week


How am I feeling?
Really the same as last week.. just a sore body. I feel like my energy levels are normal, I'm just sore.

What am I craving?
Nothing new this week. But I have noticed I am always thirsty! 

Miss anything?
My balance! I used to have great balance and now I am a total klutz. Food stains on my clothes and falling over while getting dressed are things I am not used to.

Go-to clothing...
I got some more maternity clothes from a site I found that sells second hand stuff (called thredup). I have been wearing some of Brenton's baggy shirts because my belly is getting big! Time for bigger shirts!

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on.

Best moment of the week...
We had our 20 week ultrasound to find out how our baby was developing as well as the gender. We found it is a baby BOY! yay! Brenton nearly cried he was so excited. Our ultrasound was almost 40 minutes long and everything looked normal! Hopefully that stays the same!

Definitely moving. He moves a lot after meal times and seems to calm down while I am moving. Makes sense. 

Still trying to adjust to sleeping on my side the entire night. I wake up on my back and have to re-adjust. I'm sure it will only get worse from here the bigger I get.

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  1. Now that's a baby bump! So excited to see you in person and feel that little guy kick. Love you all.


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