21 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
This has been the best trimester as far as how I have been feeling. I feel like my energy levels are pretty good and my headaches have taken a break from tormenting me.

What am I craving?
Nothing new this week.

Miss anything?
Nothing new this week.

Go-to clothing...
It is finally getting cold enough to wear sweaters and boots. I might have the same answer to this question for the rest of this pregnancy.

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on.

Best moment of the week...
We are getting ready for a trip to Tuscany with my family. I'm a little nervous for the long flights but really excited!

He is a little mover and shaker. I love feeling him move...  

I find myself waking up a lot and readjusting. Same old, same old for the last month.

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