25 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
I had a pretty good week. Other than being winded and a little tired, I felt good! I would definitely say my headaches are back though.

What am I craving?
Still salty things. Is that the wives tale that it's a boy. If not, it should be.

Miss anything?
My husband has starting making fun of me because I grunt when I'm getting dressed and putting my shoes on. It's now more difficult to bend over and touch my toes. I keep telling him it wont be long until he is putting my shoes on for me. I just try to laugh at myself and be patient.

Go-to clothing...
I went shopping and got a couple more items - some more dresses and loose tops!

Ring ON or OFF?

Best moment of the week...
My sister-in-law is also pregnant and is about 3 and 1/2 weeks ahead of me. They just found out they are having a boy as well! This will be really fun when they get a little older!

Still a little mover. When I lay on my back I can tell how high my uterus comes up (about an inch above my belly button). Its cool to see the growth!

So I'm still flipping a lot at night. I put my body pillow down the middle of our king bed so it can help support by belly. One night this week I flipped over to find my body pillow and Brenton had completely wrapped himself around it as if HE was the pregnant one. I had to pry it way from him! HA! He says he doesn't remember it.... sure....

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