26 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
My energy levels are still good, but because he is getting bigger my body is really starting to hurt. My ribs are moving and my lower back is causing me a lot of pain.

What am I craving?
Halloween Candy.

Miss anything?
Drinks. I'm ready to have a glass of wine. My mock-tails are getting old and we aren't even into the holiday season yet. ;)

Go-to clothing...
Anything that stretches!

Ring ON or OFF?
My wedding ring is still on, but I had to switch my thumb ring to my middle finger. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it off.

Best moment of the week...
I love it when Brenton gets to feel Isaiah move. Multiple times this week we just sat and watched my belly bounce. It makes it feel real for the hubby!

He is a busy little boy!

I think I have been sleeping on my back more than I would like to be. I try to stay on my side but wake up on my back almost every time. I had a break in the dreams for a while but they are back now. Crazy, random dreams.

** We took this picture before we went to a halloween party. We were dunkin' donuts. The other part of our costume was a giant inflated donut inner tube. Happy Halloween!

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