27 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
My energy levels are still good but I get tired a little faster than I used to. I have to take lots of breaks.

What am I craving?

Miss anything?
My pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I only have one coat I fit into and I'm going to be pushing it the last month.

Go-to clothing...
This week was all about comfy.

Ring ON or OFF?

Best moment of the week...
I am so behind on these post that I can't remember back almost 3 weeks ago. Pregnancy brain. But he has the hiccups all of the time which is fun. (Random unrelated fact: I got my hair cut for the first time in years and she chopped off like 4 inches. Gasp. At least now I don't have to cut my hair for another year!)

He is starting to get big so now his kicks and prods are starting to hurt a little. Chill out little man, we still have a ways to go!

Nothing new. I switch positions a lot to try to get comfortable.

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