28 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
No major complaints. I have started to have leg cramps in the middle of the night. That's about the only new thing.

What am I craving?

Salty or sour.

Miss anything?
My balance... I'll explain further in the post...

Go-to clothing...
One of my friends gave me some of her maternity clothes she no longer needed. So thankful for the blessing of generous women in my life! (This sweater is one of them :))

Ring ON or OFF?

WORST moment of the week...
This is usually the "best" moment of the week but this week was different. We had a little scare on Monday. We live right by a highway and the dogs are often in the outdoor kennel. I don't trust them to just run from the kennel to the house but I didn't know where their shock collars were. I decided I would put them both on leashes and bring them in the house. Well this was a total brain fart because just one of them is too strong for me. I was going downhill and they completely pulled me over. I fell and landed on my belly. As soon as I stood up it was instant tears. Not because I felt pain but because I was terrified of what I might have just done. I called my doctor and they told me to go over to Labor and Delivery to be monitored for a minimum of 4 hours. They did ultrasounds, blood work, a fetal heart rate monitor and a contraction monitor. All the tests came back fine but I was having very small contractions. They sent me home but wanted me to see my OBGYN the next day. So the next day I was still cramping (or contracting) and she sent me back over to Labor and Delivery to be monitored again. I was in the same condition as Monday so they sent me home after a couple of hours. Doc told me it would take a couple of days for things to settle down and that I just needed to take it easy. I feel fine and the contractions/cramping stopped.

Luckily even with the fall, Isaiah never stopped moving. He is just as busy as he was last week.

I have been tossing and turning a lot.

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