29 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
I definitely feel like I am in my 3rd trimester. I am more tired and winded than I have been the last couple of weeks.

What am I craving?

Just about everything.

Miss anything?
Sleeping through the night.. although, it's probably something I should get used to not having.

Go-to clothing...
Nothing new. A mix of maternity clothes and stretchy things.

Ring ON or OFF?

Best moment of the week...
We got Isaiah's crib put together this week! The nursery is actually starting to look like a nursery! 

He is getting big now and is head down. His movements have changed from flips and summersaults to pokes and prods. It is become easier to see my belly move, and his movements are more consistent.

I am not able to sleep through the night anymore. Plus I am fighting a cold which has turned me into a mouth breather. Ugh.

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