2014 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas friends & family!

This has been quite the year. We found out at the beginning of June that we are pregnant and are absolutely ecstatic. At our 20 week appointment we found out it is a little boy! Brenton is thrilled! Minus a couple small things, everything has been normal with the pregnancy and we expect baby Isaiah to arrive February 6, 2015. 

Brenton is still working at Farm Bureau. He has now become an Associate Manager and has 2 offices. His job is challenging but he finds great reward in helping people. Brenton has spent a lot of time this fall pheasant hunting with our 2 dogs, Ruger & Cabela, as well as up in the tree stand deer hunting.

I have been doing freelance graphic design work for a couple different companies. This has been a great transition for when Isaiah gets here. I plan to be a stay at home mom and my freelance work allows me to work from home.

We have spent time this year doing updates on our old farm house. We most recently tore up the old carpet and refinished the hardwood floor underneath. We also tore off the rotted part of our garage and turned it into a patio with some landscaping. Brenton's parents, Tim & Beth, have been here many weekends helping us with these projects!

We took a trip this fall to Tuscany with my family. My grandma turned 75 and we decided to cross Tuscany off of her bucket list. I had never been anywhere like Italy, it was a trip we will never forget!

Our current children (the dogs) keep us on our toes and are in for a rude awakening once Isaiah gets here. They currently have our full attention at night cuddling on the couch and will soon be quarantined to the gated-off kitchen.

We hope this letter finds you well and pray that you have a wonderful holiday season! 

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