31 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
Impatient. I am so ready for this little boy to be here. 9 more weeks! I'm trying to enjoy every week and remind myself that I will miss feeling his kicks and prods.

What am I craving?
Anything sour or salty is usually what I go for. Specifically salt.

Miss anything?
Being comfortable sleeping at night.

Go-to clothing...
It is officially a workout trying to put on boots. I am a diehard boot wearer so I'm trying to cope. But I might be restricted to slip-ons soon.

Ring ON or OFF?
On. I have not swelled at all yet. *knock on wood*

Best moment of the week...
I had another baby shower this weekend! We got our stroller and some other great things! We have gotten so many books too - all of my showers are book showers (which I love because each one has a personal message written in them!). It feels more and more real every time I come home with things for Isaiah and get to organize them in his room.

I am definitely aware of his movements. I can usually tell what part of him is poking out - often it's his bum. I am also starting to experience Braxton-Hicks. My back is sore a lot more and my belly will get really tight.

I have been waking up in the middle of the night with full energy. This is getting old. I'm not ready to start my day at 3 am.

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