32 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
Like an emotional wreck. My hormones have completely taken over my brain which has led to some melt downs and anxiety over tiny tiny things. Seriously brain, knock it off.

What am I craving?

Carbonation. My favorite drink lately has been sprite with orange juice in it. yum.

Miss anything?
This time of year makes me miss skiing. I love to ski and it makes me sad that I can't/shouldn't go skiing.

Go-to clothing...
Anything that fits. Hubby's clothing works well. I wear my down vest a lot too since I have noticed a temp change with my body. I don't need a heavy coat that often.

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on!

Best moment of the week...
My friends in Sioux City threw me my 3rd (and final) baby shower. It was a stinkin' blast! They chose to do a mustache theme and we got some pretty funny pictures. I feel so blessed by all of the women who have supported me with love, gifts, advice, and laughter.

I feel like he might have gotten bigger this week. I can feel his knees and feet and I can push him around a little bit in there. He moves pretty much all day long but likes it the best when I sit down for a while - or eat something ;)

So my wonderful husband had to rub it in the other day that he slept like a rock. There are many things I wanted to say back to him but I chose the more loving alternative which was, "good for you, babe." I'm really looking forward to this little holiday break we are about to have. Even if I can't actually sleep well, the thought of sleeping well is still nice.

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