33 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
So, so tired. I'm uncomfortable a lot of the time and because I am not sleeping well I am exhausted. Plus my Braxton Hicks make it harder to move around.

What am I craving?
Nothing new but I am thirsty all of the time! I even wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I need water.

Miss anything?
Laying on my stomach. I get adjusted every 2 weeks and they can drop out the tummy part of the table. It feels so nice to lay on my frontside! I used to be a belly sleeper so that has been a huge adjustment!

Go-to clothing...
If it is stretchy and long, I make it work. Getting dressed is pretty easy because I only have a few things that still fit me.. not too many choices!

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on!

Best moment of the week...
I had another OB appointment and I measured consistently 2 weeks behind. This was a good thing because it means he is growing. I am consistent. If I had fallen another week behind they would have done an ultrasound to make sure he is still developing. She said my belly is small but that it feels like I have a pretty good sized baby in there. I guess we will have to see once he comes out! Oh, and she said if she had to guess, he is head down. Good boy!!

He likes to use my hips and ribs to move himself around in there. Ouch.

I'm not sleeping much. It feels like I wake up every 5 minutes and flip to my other side. I take naps when I get tired to try to avoid exhaustion (because it seems like when I reach that point, an emotional breakdown is not far behind!) ugh. 

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