34 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
Still tired. We have been running around to different Christmas celebrations (5 this year) and it is wearing me thin. I get uncomfortable sitting for a long time so the car rides are hard.

What am I craving?
Citrus or juice.

Miss anything?
We get money as Christmas gifts from a lot of people and I love to go shopping with it. I used it to buy baby things this year because I can't really buy anything for myself right now. I'm excited to be able to shop for clothing for myself again!

Go-to clothing...
I got a couple of new things this weekend. Particularly another pair of Gap maternity jeans. I don't want to go crazy buying maternity clothes given I only have a month left.

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on!

Best moment of the week...
All of the Christmas celebrations have been great so far! We just got back from Des Moines with the Knobloch group and while I was there I got my first pedicure while pregnant. It was AMAZING! I might need to squeeze another one in before Isaiah gets here and take full advantage of the fact I can't reach my toes!

Still moves all the time. I get a foot in the side and if I push on him, he kicks back.

I got (maybe) an hour of sleep the other night. I'm starting to think I will sleep better once he actually gets here. Yikes.

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