Sioux City Baby Shower

My wonderful friends Jill, Erin, and Camille threw me a baby shower this past weekend. They did a "Mustache Bash" themed party and it was a blast! They had a couple different games planned which created a ton of laughter. I got some great gifts and books. We even had some tears when my friend Jill read my mom's (also named Jill) note inside of the book she gave Isaiah.

If you have spent much time on Pinterest, you have probably seen this game. Everyone gets an ice cube with a baby in it and who ever finds their baby floating outside of the ice cube first is supposed to yell "my water broke!" This was absolutely hilarious. My mother-in-law was being a cheater and was trying to chisel her baby out. It doesn't work like that, Beth ;). My friend Leah ended up winning this game!

This was another great thing they did for me... advice. It was an emotional moment. Both my mom and mother-in-law were there, along with my closest friends so obviously they had some great advice. I know I will never feel dumb coming to any of you with questions or concerns... or maybe a girls night with some wine.

Love you all!!

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