This one is for you too...

dear isaiah,

we are already overwhelmed by the amount of love we feel for you.
i cry when i read the books that people are giving you.

you are confusing everyone and we are unsure of how big you actually are.
according to my belly measurements, you are small.
according to your head measurements, you are big.
what's the deal, bud?

your kicks are powerful.
and you have the hiccups often.
sometimes i like to watch you move around in my belly.
it feels like we are just hanging out.
you have kicked your daddy a couple of times as well.

your room is coming along.
we have the crib, chair, and dresser.
i hope you like it.
i'm trying to make it cozy for you.

your daddy has already started thinking about what the 2 of you will do together.
he is really looking forward to spending time with you.
i have a feeling you will be his mini-me.

i am most excited to see your face and feed you.
i hope you are a good eater.
i'm also really looking forward to kissing your little nose.

sorry about the takedown a couple of weeks ago.
your furry siblings made me fall down.
the nurse joked that i was getting you ready for wrestling.
i'll expect payback.
although i think you are already getting it when you shove your foot into my ribs.

we have been praying for you the entire time you have been in my belly.
God is spending special, intimate time with you right now.
the same wonderful group of people who are praying for you now will be praying for you always.

i'm getting anxious to meet you, little one.
but i know you are not done cooking.
stay in there until February.
you still have some growing to do.

we love you little man.


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  1. We pray for you every day, Isaiah, and will as long as we have life and a sound mind (sometimes wonder about the latter).

    Great Grandma Ellie and Great Grandpa Bill


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