35 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
I'm trying my hardest to not get sick. The hubby is fighting a cold and we were just around a lot of family that was sick. I'm taking in as much vitamin C and water as I can get!

What am I craving?
Still citrus or juice. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is pour myself a cup of apple juice.

Miss anything?
It's just getting harder to do everyday life kind of things. Cleaning and laundry as well as getting dressed are become more and more difficult tasks.

Go-to clothing...
Around the house I wear Brenton's shirts, but I still have a couple of sweaters that work for when we go out. Now that we are done traveling until Isaiah comes, I get to just be comfy.

Ring ON or OFF?
On.... but I was puffy this morning and couldn't get it off for my shower. I have been lucky so far. Hopefully I can keep it on until his birth.

Best moment of the week...
We got the nursery finished! (View it here.) This has been such a project and I am finally done. I also got his clothing and blankets washed and organized. Now all we do is wait!

I don't think he ever stops moving. At least that is what it feels like. I have some videos on my phone of him really moving. I'm going to have my hands full if he is this busy outside of the womb!

I had to take some sleeping pills because I wasn't sleeping well. But now that we are back home it seems like I am getting better sleep. I have noticed that I wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety, thinking about things like what I don't know about newborns and how am I going to keep him alive. Is this normal? I feel like this might be normal...

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