36 weeks | pregnancy week by week

How am I feeling?
Extremely impatient, tired, nauseous, and achy. I am getting really uncomfortable and really ready for Isaiah to be here. I'm starting to get kind of anxious about birth too. Not so much the process of it, but that he and I are both safe. I just pray he is healthy and perfect when he comes out.

What am I craving?

Juice and water. Every morning I wake up I chug at least 2 glasses of something.

Miss anything?
Sleep! UHHH I miss my sleep!

Go-to clothing...
Pretty limited these days to things that fit. Some of my maternity jeans have even gotten tight. I still love my boots but they get pretty hard to take on and off.

Ring ON or OFF?
Still on. I'm thinking I might be able to keep it on for birth :)

Best moment of the week...
Because I am now at 36 weeks, my appointments are weekly and my doc starts to check my cervix. When she checked it on Monday, I was already almost 2 CM dilated! Sweet! Although, I don't think it really means much. I could go into labor in a week, or go past my due date. It's not really a sign of when he will be here. Oh, and I took a breast feeding class this week at the hospital. We also have our birthing class this week. 

He has officially run out of room! My doctor also told me that his head is nice and low. Good boy! I often get a painful knee or foot poking out my side. This is not a fun feeling. I push back.

I am hardly sleeping and am totally exhausted. I can't get comfortable at night and it takes my breath away when I lay flat. I seriously feel like I will sleep better once he gets here!

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