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How am I feeling?
I have begun having (what feels like) menstrual cramps and pretty painful backaches. My migraines are also not letting up again. C'mon baby boy.. I'm ready for you to come out.

What am I craving?

Miss anything?
I'm really ready for a glass of wine.

Update from check-up...
At my weekly check-up I was still 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. When I mentioned my cramps to the doctor she put me on the NST. I wasn't showing contractions and Isaiah looked good. She said it could be early labor signs. Warm baths and heating pads are about all I can do to make myself comfortable.

Best moment of the week...
We had our birthing class which consisted of a tour of Labor and Delivery as well as Post-partum. I had already seen L&D because of my fall, but it was fun to see it all again. It made it feel real. Plus when we saw the Sitz baths, Brenton had no idea what it was. He asked how to use it.. we all laughed. Love him.

Because my belly is often tight, his movements are starting to hurt. I don't have as much give as I used to.

I have been able to make it through the night until about 4 and I have to get up to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I can fall back asleep, other times my mind races and I have to just get up.

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