Isaiah's Birth Story & Photos

Let me just start by saying I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have had the experience we did. We had so many people praying for us long before and during Isaiah's birth. The night before we went into the hospital to be induced, our small group laid hands on us and prayed over us. I praise God for the way everything turned out. I know it was all His doing.

We went into the hospital at 6 am monday morning to be induced. I wanted both moms to be present (who needed to travel) as well as my own OBGYN to deliver, so we scheduled induction a few days before his due date. My doctor had warned me that it may end in a c-section if we break my water and I stop progressing. We were ok with this outcome. Our end goal was healthy baby and healthy mom, it didn't matter how we got there.

After an initial exam, they said I was at 2 cm and 70% effaced. They monitored the baby for a half an hour just to make sure everything was good and then they started me on pitocin. After a couple of hours with what felt like strong period cramps, I had dilated to a 3. At that point my OB told me she was giving me the option to break my water. She couldn't tell us her opinion (liability reasons), so we felt unsure about what to do. My friends Jill and Melissa were in the room with us and they suggested we take a little time to pray about it. We told the doctor we would take an hour and let her know. Right as she was leaving, my mom arrived. We told her the situation, and without hesitation she says, "oh, break the water!" We all laughed and Brenton chased after the doctor. Everyone said that was what they were thinking but didn't want to say anything because they didn't want to be the one to blame. Thanks guys. Later when my doctor came back, she admitted she thought it was the right decision.

She broke my water and almost immediately the intense contractions started. The first one was bad, the second one was awful. I knew I wanted an epidural so after experiencing a couple of contractions, they called the anesthesiologist. It took him almost an hour to get there. There became a point at the end of the hour where there was no let down in between contractions. My body wouldn't relax and I was having some back labor. The anesthesiologist came and put in my epidural. He had been doing it for 25 years so he had it going within a minute. Plus I had a contraction in the middle of it, so I didn't care what was going on back there. I was anxious about getting an epidural, but it was no worse than putting in an IV or someone drawing blood. I felt some pressure run down my legs and I was numb. I could still move my feet, but couldn't feel when someone touched my belly or upper legs.

She checked me again and I was at a 4 and -1 station. I fell asleep for a couple of hours. By this time we had our moms in the room, as well as my best friend Jill (who was also our photographer). When I woke up, they all needed coffee, so they left the hospital to go find some. Right after they left, my OB came in to check me again. She looked at me with eyes wide and said, "you are at an 8!" Brenton and I looked at each other and laughed (see high-five photo above). He called the girls and said, "um, you don't need to rush or anything, but she is at an 8."

Shortly after they got back (not even an hour later) I was having intense pressure. Essentially like I really needed to poop. Sorry about the description, but it is what it is. I told my nurse and she called the doctor. I was at a 10 and ready to push. No one had time to drink their coffee. Within a couple of contractions, he was out. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy pushing was. The epidural was straight up amazing.

Isaiah Joe was born at 6:17 pm on Monday, February 2nd. He weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 inches long. 

Everyone was crying. As soon as they laid him on my chest, Brenton and I looked at each other and lost it.

He was making grunting noises instead of crying, which meant he was having some trouble breathing. They took him from me and put him at the baby station next to me. They used suction and put him on an infant cpap for a couple of minutes. I was a nervous wreck in tears, but everyone was telling me he was ok. Brenton was so attentive to me. My mom said later that most people go to the baby when something is wrong, but he kept worrying about me. They had some NICU people come check him out and make sure he was ok. (There was probably 20 people in my room at this point between us, my doctors, Isaiah's doctors, and nurses. Good thing I had a suite.)

They got him breathing well and brought him back to me for skin to skin. My nurses were amazing. One of them stayed an extra half an hour to help me get a good latch for feeding. He fed for almost 40 minutes. I stayed in my labor and delivery room and recovered for 2 hours. He was passed around and was wide awake the entire time. So sweet!

We were moved to postpartum and stayed in the hospital 2 nights and came home wednesday afternoon.

As I said before, I feel so incredibly blessed that I enjoyed me experience. I got lots of horror stories while I was pregnant, but it was actually really enjoyable. Thank you to everyone who sent us love and well wishes. Maybe it's the hormones, but I'm overwhelmed by love.

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