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As I navigate my way through the first few weeks of motherhood, I have found that there are a few items I am glad I had. I wanted to share this list with any soon-to-be-moms who are trying to figure out what to register for. Obviously this isn't a full list of what I use day-to-day, but these are the top items that get the most use. The first couple weeks/months of baby's life consist of sleep and eat. These items made adjusting to life with a baby a little easier:

1. Sleep Sack - Isaiah really liked to be swaddled the first couple days of life. I had already purchased some swaddle sacks but at night he would roll. Because he was in such a tight burrito, he had momentum to roll, which made me really nervous. I had only purchased one sleep sack, but when I put him in it, it squared out his shoulders and he couldn't roll as easily. These are great because its like putting a safe blanket on them.

2. Sleep Gowns - I use these at night with the sleep sack. The combination of the 2 make for a really easy diaper change without waking him up too much in the middle of the night. Most of them have the mitten cuffs... make sure you get ones that do.

3. White-noise Machine - I turn this on during nap times and night time. It helps drown out any other noises I may make during the day, and it seems to soothe him at night. This is the one I own and it has multiple options for sounds, but I tend to keep it on the white-noise setting.

4. Boppy Pillow - If you plan to breastfeed, this is a must have! I didn't initially bring this to the hospital with me, but then had my mom bring it the next day. Trying to use 3 pillows just doesn't work as well. Get a Boppy! (I wasn't a fan of the slipcover patterns so I got a really cute one on Etsy.)

5. Video Baby Monitor - If you are an anxious person or think you might have some anxiety about being a new mom (news flash: even if you don't think you will, you probably will), get a video monitor. I was so nervous the first couple of nights that he might stop breathing or something would go wrong. The video monitor also has sound and lights. It allowed me to lay in my own bed (as opposed to on the floor in his room next to the crib) and stare at him until I was comfortable enough to fall asleep. By the 3rd night, we were both sleeping well through the night.

6. Baby Wise - I recommend this book to any mom he has the desire to sleep through the night. Every mom I know that has used this method, swears by it. And I am now a part of that club. It's at least worth reading and considering and if you aren't convinced then don't use it.

Hope this helps!


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