Instagram Dilemma

The number of times I have written about comparison is probably too numerous to count at this point. It's something I struggle with. But now I am working through this within a different context.

I follow a lot of mom-bloggers and photographers on instagram. I love to get inspiration and admire their photos. But sometimes, if I am totally honest, I am jealous. After I spend a half an hour scrolling through someone else's feed, I look at mine and am disappointed. Everyone else has it all together and can take beautiful photos of all different things. All I can offer are crappy photos from my phone of, basically, just my son. (Don't get me wrong, I love to take pictures of my little boy. But I don't want to stop sharing the rest of what makes me, me.)

The beautiful reality is, my life is not always put together. I am intentional about posting honest photos/posts. It is easy to create a fake facade of a perfect life in our social media accounts. I want to avoid this.

So here is my dilemma... how do I become more intentional when it comes to taking quality photos (and actually using my nice DSLR camera), yet maintaining an honest, raw profile? So many of the photos I admire look like they took a little bit of thought, planning, and posing. Maybe it is just a matter of the heart here, but I don't want to get wrapped up in trying to get a perfect picture and completely miss a moment.

Is it possible to have a beautiful AND honest Instagram feed?
... and how do I get better at using/sharing photos from my camera? Is there an easier way?

Obviously the answer is yes.
But I am struggling to find the balance and knowing how to start...
How do I do it?

Any tricks or tips?

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