All-American | New York City

After spending a couple of days in Montreal for Super All-American, we flew to New York to meet up with a lot more agents for All-American. We decided to only stay one night because we had Isaiah at home and I am still nursing. It would have been too long to stay until Tuesday, so we came home on Friday. 

Our hotel was located right in time square. We were on the 25th floor, so we had an amazing view! (top left photo)

To make the most of the trip, us and another couple we met (who was leaving Saturday) decided to leave the Farm Bureau dinner early and go to a Broadway show. The Lion King was showing right across from our hotel! Brenton has never been a musical guy and always said he wasn't interested in seeing a show, but he absolutely loved it! We both agreed the show was the coolest part of our entire trip.

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