Super All-American | Montreal

Brenton qualified for Super All-American this year for his work which means he was in the top 4% of the company. This year's trip was to Montreal in Canada. Neither of us had been there and were not entirely sure what to expect. We ended up being very pleasantly surprised.

We were only their for 2.5 days, but spent all the time we could exploring this cool city. The food we tried was amazing, including the best sushi we have ever had. (If you are ever there, go to Nippon Sushi and get the mango rolls!)

We also did a gastronomy tour where we saw the city and did some tastings along the way. This included a Quebec bagel, chocolate, cider, cheese, and maple syrup. We also got to see the Notre-Dame Basilica which was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of Tuscany. I love seeing the beautiful architecture and details.

We had a blast spending time with each other and reconnecting. It was wonderful. It was a little tough to leave at first because we left Isaiah (2.5 months) at home with Brenton's mom and grandma. But it was worth it.

After a couple days in Montreal... it was time for All-American in New York!

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