Isaiah Joe | 5 months

Length/Height: 27.5 inches long

Weight: 18.5 lbs.

Clothing Size: 9 month clothing

Eating: As he becomes more aware of himself and the things around him, he gets rather distracted while he eats. Sometimes when you look down at him, he will stop drinking and smile. It's cute, but frustrating when it takes twice as long to feed him when all he wants to do is be social. Little stinker.

Sleeping: We experienced the 4 month regression but it seems like he is starting to get back into his normal routine. He has been sleeping 9 hours at night, wakes for a feeding, and then back down until his DWT at 7:00. He usually takes a good, long nap in the morning and then struggles with them in the evening. 

Personality: It is so fun watching him change. He is content and always smiling. When he got his first tooth, I was completely unaware. He didn't fuss or change his sleeping habits one bit. One day my mother-in-law stuck her finger in his mouth and said, "he has a tooth!" The second one was a little tougher, but he is doing great. Another thing he is becoming known for is his leg pump. He sits in his bouncy seat and kicks his left leg so that he bounces. The leg never quits, and it's hilarious. Isaiah is very good at rolling from his back to front, but cannot figure out how to get himself back over.

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