Isaiah Joe | 6 months

Length/Height: 28 inches long

Weight: 20 lbs.

Clothing Size: 9 month clothing

Eating: We have started on some baby foods. I started him at about 5.5 months and he wasn't entirely sure about it. He tongue thrusted a lot of it back out, but now he is getting the hang of it. He likes sweet potatoes, apples, and pears. Not a huge fan of banana or avocado but we are continuing to try. I guess this means it is time to buy a highchair.

Sleeping: He is sleeping through the night again, praise Jesus. We changed up his schedule, which included an earlier bedtime and a little longer between feedings. This seemed to do the trick.

Personality: He is still a pretty chill child. He doesn't fuss about much! Although, he has started to become more aware of people he knows and does not know (or does not see often). He gets a little freaked when he is alone in a room with someone he does not recognize. He likes to chat and giggle, and he is a talker in the morning. His 2 bottom teeth have completely come in and he is a drooling machine. 

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