Isaiah Joe | 7 months

Length/Height: 28 inches long

Weight: 22 lbs.

Clothing Size: 12 month clothing

Eating: So we got the highchair and have been working on eating solids. I have found that if I don't try to feed him baby food right after a bottle, he eats betters. He hasn't mastered the technique yet, but shows a lot of interest in food! I still can't believe he is in a highchair.

Sleeping: We go back and forth with sleeping well and not. He has 5 teeth now so that could explain it. He slept through the night last night, but there are no promises it will happen again tonight. If he does wake up, at least it's just once.

Personality: He maintains the content personality. Isaiah is a happy little guy. He is rolling now and can move clear across a room if he wants. He is trying to crawl but not getting anywhere. He LOVES his jumper and giggles at pretty much anything.

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