Isaiah Joe | 9 months

Length/Height: 30.5 inches long (99th percentile!! tall boy!)

Weight: 22 lbs. 8 oz.

Clothing Size: 12 month clothing

Eating: He loves to eat and will eat anything! We have been giving him puffs and yogurt melts as well but he makes me so nervous. For a while he would just swallow them whole, but now he is chewing them. He has 8 teeth, so he is definitely capable of mashing his food up.

Sleeping: He sleeps through the night from 8-7. I would love that extra hour, but realize that this is pretty stinking good. I give credit for this to Babywise.

Personality: Isaiah is so independent! He is completely content playing on his own and is giggly when playing with others. He has also figured out how to climb, which has been scaring the crap out of me! He can climb a step and pull himself up in his crib. He is getting really close to actually crawling. He does this goofy inchworm thing, but he is doing that instead of rolling. He is one curious little boy (hence picture #2).

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