Mexico 2016

We were lucky enough to spend the first week of 2016 in Mexico! We traveled with Brenton's family and actually went back to our honeymoon resort. It was kind of cool going back to the same place we had been 4 years ago, only this time we had our son. It was a good week of vacation - although vacation is not exactly the same when you have a 1 year old. 
We pretty much stayed on resort, except for one dinner at the marina down the street. We had a blast there and all of the waiters acted like they had never seen a baby before! Isaiah was making friends left and right and we even got free ice cream because they all liked him so much. No joke, I think there were maybe 10 employees by/behind the bar trying to make him laugh! 
A couple mornings we did yoga and in that same spot later got massages. Brenton and I had a couples massage in a tent right on the pier so we could hear the waves crashing as we relaxed. Other than that, our time was pretty much spent swimming and eating!
Isaiah was a good little traveler, minus a couple screaming moments on our flight from Dallas to Puerto Vallarta. The flight attendant kept coming on the loud speaker and freaking him out. He would get settled down and then they would say something else. But for the most part, he did great!
It was a nice, warm way to start our year.. but now it is back to the snowy reality of Iowa :)

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