Etsy Update!

After Isaiah was born, I started to neglect my Etsy shop. Everything had expired and honest, I wasn't in love with anything I was selling. Over the last year or so I have started participating in a little movement called illustrated faith. You color, draw, paint, and worship through art in your bible. This has inspired me to change up what I was selling in my Etsy shop!

I would like to announce I have re-opened my online shop! I will continue to add new listings as I create them, so stay tuned! I'm loving this stuff because it is simple, yet semi-flawed. Each piece will look a little different because of the nature in which it is created. I hand-letter all of them and make them made to order. We are all created one of a kind and unique. None of us are the same. I appreciate that this art reflects that!

Stop on over and take a look! Enjoy!

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