Home Tour | Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is the next stop on the house tour. I plan to continue showing rooms as they get painted and decorated. This house was almost entirely white when we moved in. I am a big fan of white furniture and decor, but not so much white walls. The color I used in our master (as well as formal dining and front door) is called Anonymous by HGTV. You can find it at Lowes. This is one of my favorite colors and I think it looks beautiful with all of our furniture.

I did not include the small hallway to the right when you enter our bedroom. This takes you to our walk-in closet and master bath. It's nothing pretty so I didn't take pictures (plus our closet is a little bit of a disaster.) Our washer and dryer are in our closet, so our clothes are kind of crammed. I don't really like them in there, but it is an on going battle because Brenton doesn't want to move them. (I don't really blame him though, they are heavy.)


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