less of me and more of you, God.

I sit at my computer today with a humbled spirit.

I have found myself praying in repetition, "It's not about me, its about you God. Less of me and more of you, God."

In John 3 we find John the Baptist teaching about Jesus. Jesus had recently started his ministry and people began to follow him. 2 of John's disciples were arguing about the fact they were going to Jesus instead of John. Quite frankly, they were jealous. John the Baptist breaks up the argument by reminding them that the true mission is to gain followers for Jesus, not ourselves."He must become greater, I must become less." - John 3:30

As we learn from John, our main job as disciples is to point people to Jesus. Through our conversations, worship, priorities, and relationships.

We have to be so careful about not getting caught up in the success of our ministries or get jealous of the success of someone else. It cannot become more about fame, rather than spreading HIS name.

I'll say it again: It cannot become more about fame, rather than spreading His name.

I'm realizing how guilty of this I can be. But the truth is, we are simply vessels for God's work, and extensions of His unfailing love. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. Nothing we gain here on earth comes with us. The only thing that last longer than our time here is the kingdom work we do.

I will know I have used my time wisely if I can leave this world with more people knowing the name of Jesus because of their interactions with me.

This is a simple truth that lately has been on my heart. I hope it can be an encouragement for you (or maybe an attitude adjustment like it was for me). "There is no place I would rather be than here in Your love."

In Him,

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