A Trip to Maui, Hawaii

We just recently got back from our trip to Maui! It was our first trip to Hawaii, so we were unsure of what to expect. It definitely holds a place in our heart now... what a beautiful island! We took off friday morning at 6 and landed in Hawaii at noon (not our noon.. it was more like 5:00 to us with the 5 hour time change). That took some adjusting. We went to bed that night around 8 and woke up the next morning around 5. I'm not even sure we fully adjusted by the time it was time to leave again. 

We rented a convertible mustang for the week to drive around in. We were not all inclusive at the resort, so we had to fend for ourselves for lunch and a couple of dinners. We drove to Lahina twice and once to Paia. One day we decided to do the road to Hana with some friends. This was a cool experience and I recommend it to anyone who visits Maui. After you drive through Paia, the scenery totally changes and it feels like you are somewhere different. Very jungly and rainy. We saw some surfing beaches, a couple of waterfalls, local food stands, and lots of amazing views! On wednesday we went sailing and snorkeling. We swam with sea turtles and on our way back to dock, we saw 2 humpback wails. Got some "tail action" as our captain said.

The trip was fantastic, but we were ready to come home by Friday. We left Maui at 12:30 pm and got home Saturday morning at 6 am. Isaiah stayed with my mom that week so we were in Stillwater. We had to drive home that same Saturday another 5 hours. It was a long 2 days! 

Now that I have been home for a couple of days and have gotten back into the routine of life, I have to say, there really isn't much that beats being home with my little man. Maybe it's just a mom thing... 

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