Pregnancy Update Baby #2 | 9-12 weeks

This time around it took us about 4 months to get pregnant. Which is quite the contrast to the year and a half it took to get mr. Isaiah! I had been tracking my cycle in order to know ovulation, so I had an idea of when I should take a test. I looked back to the month we got pregnant with Isaiah and when I got his positive test. It was exactly 2 weeks after the day of ovulation. So at this point, I was still about 3 days from that 2 week mark, and a full week from my period. I had some tests at the house and they were tempting me. Before I took it, I even marked in my tracker app that it was negative.. but I was going to take it anyway. It was positive and I was shocked! I had a feeling, but I had a feeling every other month when it was negative. That night I had food ready when Brenton got home. He sat down with his serving and I told him their was something extra for him in the oven. He walked over there and opened it up. There was a bun sitting on a plate. He turned to me and said, "it's not even warm." Ha! He finally caught on and we hugged in excitement.

I have been feeling the same way I did with Isaiah. No morning sickness, just headaches, exhaustion, and low blood pressure. I did notice my belly popped out really fast with the second pregnancy. I felt like I already had a bump at 9 weeks! It got harder and harder to hide.

We had our first ultrasound at 10 weeks and baby looks great! We wont know gender until about 20 weeks (which we plan to find out, btw). I think it's a girl. Or maybe I'm just willing it to happen ;) But we would be thrilled either way. Another boy would gladly be welcomed into our family, and I'm sure Isaiah would love having a little brother. I guess we will have to wait and see!

I plan to do updates similar to how I did them with Isaiah, if you care to follow along!

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