Dear Baby

dear baby,

let me start by saying that you are already so loved.
you were prayed for, tried for, and hoped for.

we still don't know if you are a little boy or girl, but will love you the same either way.
your daddy and i are already fighting over names.
it may take us a while, but we will get there.

your brother has no idea what is coming, but i'm sure you 2 will be best buds.
if not immediately, eventually.

this is special time you have right now in my belly.
this is intimate time you have with God.
only He knows your gender, your name, and your heart.
i'm so excited to meet you, little one, but am so grateful for this time.

all i really know about you so far is that you are very active.
i started to feel your little movements pretty early on.
every time i go to the doctor, they have to work to find your heartbeat.
you were literally doing flips.

your family is very excited to meet you and kiss you.
but take your time, sweet one.

love, mommy

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