Isaiah at the moment

Isaiah Joe is so active. He absolutely loves to play outside and in the water. We have a water table set up on our deck that he will literally climb into. That's another thing about him.. he is a monkey. I was standing in the kitchen the other day when I looked over to find him standing on a coffee table. (insert "hands over eyes" emoji here). Yikes, child.

His first word was "ball" with "puppy" as a close second. He loves to play with any ball and will play fetch with you. Or with himself. He will throw, chase, repeat. Isaiah is also starting to say "uh-oh" and "mama" but not regularly enough for me to consider it a word yet. He is still doing sign language... "please" and "more" are his go-to signs.

Isaiah has now been on 18 flights (thats 4 different destinations). We will be adding to that tally this summer. He is a champ when it comes to travel. Hopefully the next ones follow suit. He has maintained his laid-back style and personality, and is actually pretty fun to travel with. The last trip we took was to South Padre Island and I discovered he loves the beach. The next one on our list is Colorado.. so I guess we will see how he likes hiking?

A random thought about traveling with Isaiah. He is such an adventurous kid. Brenton and I love to travel together and find it adventurous ourselves. Brenton loves to try new food, I love to see new beautiful things. I am so grateful for Isaiah's curious spirit. We all have the desire to go out and explore when we travel.

He has recently turned into a little flirt. He does this goofy thing with his lips like he is being shy. I can't explain it, but it is so stinkin' cute.

Current nicknames: Bubba, Monkey, Dude
Age: 16 months
Weight: 25 lbs.
Height: 32 inches
Favorite Food: cottage cheese and ketchup (not together)

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