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It was so fun finally getting to decorate a little girl's room! I didn't want to do anything bright or overly "baby". Everything I purchased for the room I wanted to make sure I could use somewhere else in the house when we no longer need a little girl nursery. (The unicorn head from Target is probably the only thing I might have trouble relocating.) My inspiration for Norah's room was a French Country style. I wanted to be sure it felt cozy and inviting.

My mom came a couple of weekends ago and helped me finish Isaiah's room, as well as start on Norah's. I keep rearranging her changing table/dresser. I'm also debating about taking her name off of the chalkboard and writing "have courage & be kind" on it from the new Cinderella movie.

I find myself pausing every time I pass her room (which is right across the hall from Isaiah's) and smiling. I also like to sit in the rocker and soak it all in. I am so excited for her arrival! :)

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