dear baby girl

dear baby girl,

we are quickly approaching your birthday
and are so incredibly excited to meet you.

we are both feeling a little crowded, i think,
because you are growing big and strong.

i'm growing impatient and ready for you to come out,
but i know this is special time God is spending with you.
He is knitting you together in perfection.

your room is ready and our bags a packed.
you may make your debut whenever you are ready.

i am very curious to see what you will look like.
i'm assuming you are going to look like your big brother.
but there is still hoping you will have dark hair like mommy.

there has been quite a bit of excitement in the world lately.
the chicago cubs are on their way to the world series,
there is a ridiculous election about to take place,
along with many other sad and scary events.

this world may seem very scary at times,
but we will do our best to guide you through and equip you.
we will always be your safe place to land
and love you no matter what life brings your way.

we will teach you to always look for the good in people
and find the beauty in the world.
that God is love and you are called for a very special purpose.

i can't wait to watch you grow and find your own passions.
but don't grow too fast.
i need to have a conversation with your brother about this,
he seems to be in a hurry to grow up.
it makes me sad.
so i take it back... stay little.

oh, and it's hunting season, so your daddy is a bit preoccupied.
if it were up to him, you would stay in there until he shoots "a big one."
like i said, you come when you are ready.

we love you beautiful baby.
love, mommy

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