Norah's Birth Story & Photos

There was so much anticipation around baby girl's arrival. I got very uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy and was very ready to meet her. The Sunday before we were induced we had small group. Everyone laid hands on me and prayed. There have been so many prayers for her safe/fast/healthy arrival. I truly believe that is the reason our day went the way it did!

Once we made it to 39 weeks, we decided to schedule an induction. We were induced with Isaiah as well and had an incredible experience [click here to read his story]. We wanted to have a similar experience with Norah so we were scheduled for Monday, November 7th at 6:00 am.

We got to the hospital and checked in. There was a beautiful sunrise on Monday morning. It took a while to get checked in so we just sat and enjoyed the quiet morning. Once we were ready, I was monitored for a half an hour with the fetal heart rate monitor and the contraction monitor. After about a half an hour (7:40 am) the nurse started me on pitocin. The computer was picking up contractions before the pitocin even hit my blood stream. The nurse said that it could have been the day even if we weren't scheduled. I was at 3 cm and 60% effaced. The nurse also told me at this time that Norah was posterior. This meant she was sunny side up. She said I would have to switch from side to side throughout contractions to help her flip around.

Around 9:00 am my pitocin level was turned up. Contractions were increasingly strong both in my hips and back. At 9:15 am my OB came in and broke my water. I was still 3 cm but now 70% effaced. Norah had turned part way and was -1 station. Shortly after my water broke, we called for the anesthesiologist for the epidural. He had me sit up in bed and lean over. I felt pressure down my right leg and a little pain when he put it in. I was holding Brenton's hand and when it was over I said to Brenton, "sorry if I am killing your hand." The anesthesiologist laughed and said he had never heard a wife apologize to her husband in labor before. We giggled and I worked through another contraction.

It took a little bit for the epidural to fully take effect. I was still feeling a lot of the contractions and couldn't talk through them. The nurse upped my dosage and it got better. It still took a little better down my right leg, but my pelvis and back were numb.

At 10:20 am I was checked again by my nurse. I was 4 cm and 80% effaced. At this point we started taking bets on what Norah's birth weight would be as well as what time she would arrive. The nurse said the average pace of labor is 1 cm per hour. According to her, we had a max of 6 hours left before she came out. We placed our bets. I was feeling very comfortable and decided to pull up a movie on my phone.

At 11:50 am my doctor came back in to check me again. I was 6 cm and 80% effaced. My best friend Jill, my mom, Brenton's mom, and Brenton were all there to support me. They were getting hungry and decided to order lunch. About 20 minutes after I had been checked, I turned to Jill and said I was feeling some pressure during the contractions. I figured there was no way anything had changed since she had just been in, but I decided for peace of mind I would call the nurse back in. My mom pushed the call button and we both started talking at the same time. We started to laugh and asked the nurse to come back.

She came around to my bed and checked me. She looked at me with wide eyes and said, "The baby is right there! Do not laugh. Do not sneeze. Do not move." They started to prep me (but waited to put my legs in the stirrups because of the fear Norah might come out) and the rest of the gang watched my OB run across the parking lot. I had gone from a 6 to crowning in a matter of 30 minutes... I still can't believe this.

Once my OB was in the room and ready, they set me up. I pushed through 3 contractions and she came out. Norah was born at 12:58 pm. They immediately placed Norah on my chest for skin-to-skin and within 10 minutes she was looking to nurse. She latched on immediately and fed for about 30 minutes. I couldn't believe it. I had struggled so much with Isaiah, and Norah got the hang of it right off the bat. I did skin to skin with her for about an hour and a half and then they took her to weigh and measure her. She was 6 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. On the knuckle of her pointer finger there was a little piece of skin missing. The nurse told me that she was probably sucking that finger in the womb. Maybe that is why she is a rockstar at nursing.

We recovered for about 3 hours and then were moved to our postpartum room. Brenton and his mom went to pick up Isaiah from my friend Stacia and brought him to the hospital. Isaiah was a little freaked out and not really sure what to think of her. He kept pointing at her and then offered up a couple of kisses.

My mom stayed with me at the hospital for the 2 nights we were there. Norah continued to nurse incredibly well! We didn't get a ton of sleep the first night, but did better the second night.

I find that I am still processing the whole day. Our experience with Isaiah was so incredible that I had prepared myself for the possibility it wouldn't be as smooth. But Norah's was even smoother. It happened so fast that it almost felt like a dream. I feel so blessed to have had another flawless experienced and a beautiful, healthy baby. God is so good.

(Thank you to my best friend Jill for taking photos for me! Love & appreciate you!)

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