Christmas with the Feuchtenbergers

Every year we have multiple Christmases so that we can spend time with all of our different families. Almost everyone came to us this year because of Norah, but the one outing we had was to Des Moines. First we had Christmas with Brenton's immediate family and then headed out of town to meet up with Brenton's mom's side.

While we were at my in-law's house Isaiah went sledding for the first time. I shared on my instagram that this made me realize how special this holiday season has been. We have had so many "firsts" the last couple of weeks. It is so fun to watch him experience things because it brings me fully into that moment. We often loose excitement over things already experienced and have a hard time staying present and undistracted. It's like we get to rediscover how fun life can be!

That night we had dinner at Brazilian Carnival Grill (if you have never eaten there in Sioux Falls, you must) and then came home to open presents. Isaiah insisted on helping everyone open their gifts.

The next morning we headed to Des Moines. We watched movies on the way there and both kids did great. While we were there Brenton and I each got to see a movie and spend some time with family. On Christmas Eve we were on our way to lunch when we got into a car accident. Brenton slammed on the breaks to avoid running a red light and we got rear-ended. We had family in the car behind us and they witnessed the whole thing. It was a teenage girl and she was trying to cut across 3 lanes and budge between us and them. Her car was pretty much totaled and ours looked like some paint had been scratched off. We are so lucky that it was not worse and that both babies were ok! Minus that event, we had a lot of fun!

After 3 nights at the hotel it was time to head home. Once we got back into town we decided to stop quick and get groceries because we had no food at our house. Then, as if we hadn't dealt with enough stresses for the weekend, we locked our keys in our car. Thankfully AAA was quick to respond and we got the problem solved. Now we are home and I can take a deep breathe. I'm feeling thankful for my own bed and a normal routine.

Overall our Christmas season has been a blast. Minus a few bumps in the road, we had some wonderful time with family, some much need rest, LOTS of really good food, and many new memories made.

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