Isaiah's 2nd Birthday Party

Uhg this kid. This kid is almost 2! Where has the time gone?!

We had a blast of a weekend with some family celebrating Isaiah's 2nd birthday. We threw him a Little Blue Truck (it's his favorite book) themed party and then took him swimming at a hotel. My dad and his wife Jill, Brenton's parents, Brenton's sister Megan and her husband Joel, and Brenton's brother Bennett all joined us for the weekend. 

This was also an extra special birthday for him because it is his GOLDEN birthday! He was born 2/2/15! We got him a giant #2 balloon as well as a cow and pig (characters in the book). He thought they were pretty cool. I made him a homemade cake, we opened presents, and then took off for the hotel.

He was thrilled about "simmin"! I honestly had never seen him be that excited about water. He wanted to go under and dunk his face in. He was trying to blow bubbles and didn't want to be held onto. He even went down the slide multiple times! I couldn't believe it! He had absolutely no fear. I guess it's time to put him in swimming lessons.

I just love this kid. It brought me so much joy to see how much fun he had. He is such a sweet boy (most of the time), and is curious about everything! He is funny and adventurous, caring and gentle.

Happy Birthday Monkey!

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