Isaiah | 2 year update

Isaiah turned 2 on February 2nd! {Click here to view his birthday party.} This stage has been so much fun! 2 definitely comes with it's challenges, but overall it has been a blast. He LOVES his daddy and wants to do everything Brenton does. Isaiah gives the best little hugs and kisses and is still my little cuddle bug. For his birthday, and recently when we were in Wisconsin, we took him swimming. I think this is one of his favorite things to do. He has absolutely no fear and loves the independence he has with his floaties on.

He is a great big brother. He loves to give Norah kisses and will even help me with her diapers. He will bring me diapers and throw them away for me! He has been known to try to pick her up, which makes me nervous, but he has good intentions. I am excited to watch their relationship grow!

Recently, his vocabulary has really picked up. It seems like every day I can understand him more. He is just starting to put words together to make short sentences. Here are some of my favorites Isaiah words: "chicken" = kitchen, "nacks" = snacks, "bacon" = blanket, "noah" = Norah.

WEIGHT: 30 lbs.
HEIGHT: 35 inches
FAVORITE FOOD: Cottage cheese, bananas, fruit snacks, chocolate milk
FAVORITE TOYS: trucks, cars, balls
FAVORITE BOOK: Little Blue Truck

Love you, little man! You bring so many smiles and so much joy to our life!

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