Norah | five months

AGE: 5 months

HEIGHT: 26  inches

WEIGHT: 15.5 lbs

CLOTHING SIZE: 6 month clothing

UPDATE: Norah is one happy little peanut. She is still a really good sleeper and is pretty consistent/predictable at this point with her naps during the day. I recently started introducing some baby food. When we first started she would look at me like I just offended her. BUT, now we are starting to get the hang of it! She eats baby cereal 3 times a day and usually finishes the bowl. Norah talks all of the time and is not afraid to use her lungs. I think she just likes us to know that she is there. She is rolling which means she is now a belly sleeper. The picture above is an example of how she sleeps: belly down and butt in the air. She also tucks her arms under just like Isaiah used to. Be still, my heart. Because she has figured out how to pull her knees up, I feel like we are not too far from her being mobil. She has been able to scoot herself forward a couple of times by doing this. I seriously can't believe how fast this is going. I just gave birth, like, yesterday! I just love this sweet littler girl. It's going to be so fun to continue to watch her grow!

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