Norah | eight months

AGE: 8 months

HEIGHT: 28 inches

WEIGHT: 18.5 lbs

CLOTHING SIZE: 9 month clothing

UPDATE: Norah is getting close to being able to crawl. She has good strength but hasn't quite figured out the mechanics of it. She can get all around by rolling and spinning on her belly. She is eating more baby food and loves her teether toys. She has a lot of teeth working their way in right now. Norah loves her brother. LOVES. Like, she thinks he is the best person on the planet. He just walks by her and she giggles. I was looking back on my baby photos the other day and she looks so much like me! Isaiah looks so much like Brenton so it is fun to see some of my features come through in her. She is such a sweet little thing... I can't wait to watch her personality continue to unfold!

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