Norah | ten months

AGE: 10 months

HEIGHT: 30 inches

WEIGHT: 21 lbs

CLOTHING SIZE: 12 month clothing

UPDATE: Norah is crawling, pulling herself up on things, can go up the stairs, and has even started to let go of what she is holding onto and stand on her own. She has 7 teeth and and loves food. She will eat anything (even things that she isn't supposed to eat). She is saying a few words: mama, dada, uh-oh. Norah is one tough cookie. Her brother plays rough with her and she hardly makes a peep! She also has a few "tricks". If you ask her how big she is, she gets a big smile on her face and puts her hands up in the air (photo #2). She also claps and gives the best open mouth kisses when you ask for one. Sometimes she will even give me a kiss without me having to ask, which is just the best. Norah still sleeps like a champ and takes 3 naps during the day. She is up early in the mornings but usually just hangs out in her crib until we get Isaiah up around 7:30. We are always greeted with a big smile when we walk into her room. She is such a joy.

We love you sweet girl :)

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