Norah | eleven months

AGE: 11 months

HEIGHT: 31 inches

WEIGHT: 20 lbs

CLOTHING SIZE: 12 month clothing

UPDATE: I think it is fair to say this girl officially has a nickname: Bug. Here is why... she can crawl super fast. She scurries around on the floor and she thinks it is super funny when you catch her. Also, her favorite toy to carry around in her mouth is this big plastic beetle. I don't know if she just likes to chew on it or what, but she always has it hanging out of her mouth. It is actually quite hilarious. Norah has thee cutest little crinkle nose. She knows that she has it too. She will scrunch it up and snort out of it to make people laugh. We started sign language a few months back and she has definitely started pickup up on it. She's a big eater, a good sleeper, and a loud talker. Keep it coming girl, we love your big personality!

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